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Day on a gulet

Do you like waking up in the morning in the middle of the sea, listening to the sound of seagulls and waves? You can even jump from the gulet boat right before breakfast and have short swim while the crew prepares your breakfast.

Fresh prepared Mediterranean food
on the open deck is particularly tasty. If you desire to catch a dinner of your own, you can. After all, there is all the necessary fishing gear on board at your disposal.

Moreover, we also have a variety of sports equipment you can choose from. You can spend the day skiing on the water, riding with Ringo, canoeing or rowing. Luxury gulet boats are also equiped with sauna and jacuzzi.

Space allocation on gulet boat is designed in such a way you can enjoy in large comfortably furnished lounges, on deck, lying on the leisure chairs or find a spot of your own.

Gulet boat cabins are of all sorts. You can choose from basic cabins, designed for resting or sleep or luxury cabins, which are fully equipped with High Surround Sound System, accessible Internet and a huge plasma TV. 

Special charm in such cruise nights are the evenings. In the evening, we can dock in the coastal town where you can have fun in night clubs or make your own party with the selected company on gulet boat. The crew is happy to make any wishes, you may have, come true;)



"We loved the gulets, cabins and everything.. Air conditioning in all of them but still built in an old way/antique, all wooden. Simply pirate. The feelings were fabulous :)." Mihael Bergstainer


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