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Gulet categories

World gulet Association (WGA) has split gulet cruises into five official different categories. Gulets differ according to the standard in similar way as hotels.

The most popular are standard and luxury gulet categories.

STANDARD gulet – 3 stars, from 500 EUR to 790 E
Standard category, can be compared with a three-star hotel. Gulets that fall into this category, have shower and toilet included in each cabin. Most Gulets from the standard category also have air-conditioning each cabin as well. However the price you pay, usually includes usage of air-conditioning up to 5 hours per night.
Gulets from the standard category have three to twelve cabins, nevertheless all of them offer great comfort for your stay.

LUXURY gulet – 4 stars, from 800 EUR to 1.500 EUR/person/week

In luxury gulet category you can choose from 3 cabins per gulet and up to 16 cabins per gulet. All luxury Gulets have air conditioning in each cabin, toilet and shower. This category satisfies even extremely demanding guests. A special highlight here is superb and helpful staff to ensure that the cruise with gulet, truly is memorable.

But there are also “Economy”, “VIP” and “Best In The World Gulet categories”.   

ECONOMY – 2 stars, from 250 EUR and up to 500 EUR/person/week
Gulets in this ranage are usually older gulets with 6, 7 or 8 cabins. Anyway, they are still very glorious. Every cabin has a private shower and toilets. These gulets are also well equipped with all of the amenities of home and encourage an environment in which you are expected to do nothing but enjoy yourself.

VIP – 5 stars, from 1.600 EUR and up to 2.900 EUR/person/week
VIP gulets are also called Deluxe gulets. The gulets in this category are completely different than others. They are equipped with high speed Internet connections, Plasma Screen TVs with satellite and a massive library of films. Most of those gulets has from 4 and up to 8 cabins max.  Excellent service is first aim in these gulets. Chartering a modern luxury gulet is like hiring a palace and traveling with it to sea. If what you need is a moment to spoil yourself, a moment to immerse yourself in absolute levels of luxury, then VIP gulet holidays are just the right choice for you.

BEST IN THE WORLD – 6 stars, from 4.000 EUR/person/week
These gulets are designed to be gorgeous on the outside and extremely luxurious in the inside. On the construction of these gulets are used expensive materials. Instead of more cabins, architects preferred to build only a few enormous cabins, so there is enough space and comfort for all your needs. These gulets are really unique and a breathtaking master piece

Send us inquiry and specify your preffered category. We will get back to you with the best offers ASAP!



"We loved the gulets, cabins and everything.. Air conditioning in all of them but still built in an old way/antique, all wooden. Simply pirate. The feelings were fabulous :)." Mihael Bergstainer


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