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Luxury Gulet Experience

There’s no better way to experience more of the Croatia, Turkey, Greece or Maldivi coast. We are cruising along stunning bays and searching for a hidden isolated private island only for your group to enjoy.

Imagine your favorite vacation days. Are they filled with things familiar or unexpected? A schedule full of activities or forgotten time doing nothing? A private party packed with shirtless men, or a deserted corner of the beach? Gulet cruise is all that and so much more.

Every gulet cruise can be as individual as you desire, because you custom-create it from a set of activities and dining options. Try a new sport. Lounge by Jacuzzi or explore an ancient city, or a modern boardwalk. Discover a new talent, or indulge in a spa treatment. The options are practically endless.

But, a gulet cruise is something else, too - an opportunity for you to be who you are and just relax among increasingly tolerant and nonjudgmental fellow passengers.

Our team will make you feel right at home, offering a smile at every turn.



"We decided to book a cruise in Croatia. It was unforgettable. If you are looking for cristal clean sea, quiet bays, listening to planthoppers and crickets and watching dolphins, this is the right choise for you. And in the evenenig; parties all around the local clubs."Lee Johnson 


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