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We offer you 2 possibilities of Gay Gulet Cruises:


Cabin Gulet Charter Gay Cruise
Private Gulet Charter Gay Cruise



Cabin Gulet Charter Gay Cruise
Cabin Gulet Gay Cruise means you charter only one cabin on gulet. You join to one of our regular gay cruises departures and book only a gulet cabin for you.

This way you will have a chance to meet gay people from around the world while enjoying one of the most unique and relaxing holidays in the Turkish Aegean, Croatian and Italian Adriatic sea, or Maldivian Indian ocean.

For the ever-growing number of gays and lesbians who have taken or are planning to take a cruise, a voyage on Gulet equals freedom. Freedom, that is, from the drudgery of everyday routines. Where else can you eat outside on the open deck and relax among increasingly tolerant and nonjudgmental fellow passengers...?
Gay Cabin Gulet Cruise is an opportunity for you to be who you are and to connect and socialize with other gays on board.




Private Gulet Charter Gay Cruise
An alternative to chartering only a cabin on gulet boat, is to charter the entire gulet. Get your own group of 8 and up to 16 friends for a gay cruise oriented trip and explore all the beauty of a Private Gulet Gay Cruise.

Private Gulet Charter include a full crew charter, and a competitively priced and fully personalized service to cater for your vacation needs. You will travel daily to new exotic islands, some of which are uninhabited and still in their virgin state. You will delight in such water sports as deep sea diving and swimming. You can also set up your own itinerary.


If you're of the "I want to be able to hold my lover's hand and kiss openly" mindset or just want to party all night with other gays and lesbians – you really should consider about Private Gay Gulet Charter Cruise.




"We loved the gulets, cabins and everything.. Air conditioning in all of them but still built in an old way/antique, all wooden. Simply pirate. The feelings were fabulous :)." Mihael Bergstainer


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