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About Goolets is the first 100% gay  gulet cruise oriented web page. At the moment you can find on gulet cruise packages from Turkey and Croatia, but the offer will in time be upgraded also with offers from Italy, Greece and Maldives where the gulets are located also. is a web page that belongs to agency Goolets LTD. Goolets is a specialized provider for cruises with traditional Mediterranean motor yacht called gulet. We have realized the gulet type ships offer the perfect concept for gay oriented groups and thus have decided to present this incredible type of holidays to vast gay public all around the World.

About portal! portal offers to its customers a place where they can find all the information they need to know before they book a Gulet Cruise. On Goolets portal, you can read about current programs, destinations, life on Gulets, hottest offers, additional routes, individual cuisines and cruises prepared in advance.

Gulet cruises prepared in advance are cruises such as family cruise, wellness cruise, diving cruise and Senior cruises. For additional cruises please ask the Gulet representative. 

Travel with ease on board one of our gulets....After all, " It's all about the experience! "



"We loved the gulets, cabins and everything.. Air conditioning in all of them but still built in an old way/antique, all wooden. Simply pirate. The feelings were fabulous :)." Mihael Bergstainer


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